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School + Teacher Programs

At the Museum

In-Person Tours

In-Person Tours are led by a trained docent and feature works from the permanent collection and special exhibitions on view.

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Tour + Workshop

Tour + Workshop invites student to explore artworks in the galleries with trained docents, then join Museum educators in the studio to create their own art.

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At your School


Brings trained docents to your classroom to engage students with an interactive, multi-media presentation of works from the Museum’s permanent collection. Students learn strategies for looking, reading, and thinking critically about a work of art.

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Art Ark

The Crocker’s award-winning mobile education center, the Art Ark, allows an entire school to examine the lives and art of North American artists.

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Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours feature works from the permanent collection and special exhibitions on view, all livestreamed right into your classroom.

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Gallery Bytes

Virtually drop into Gallery Bytes for fun and thought-provoking conversations with museum staff, docents, and guests.

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For Homeschoolers

Homeschool Day

Homeschool Day is specifically designed for homeschool students, parents, and collectives. This drop-in program allows families to enjoy artwork talks and studio time at their own pace, in the order they choose.

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For Teachers

Teacher Workshops

Teacher Workshops invite educators to network, gain skills, and acquire resources that support and extend visual art education.

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Creative Coaching

Creative coaching is an interactive individualized or small-group session designed to increase the comfort of classroom teachers and parent educators in leading conversations about arts-based content and other creative topics. Participants have an opportunity to practice different skills, including artwork interpretation, reflective question asking, responding, and more.

curriculum & lesson plan review


As a leading provider of arts education in the greater Sacramento area, we know that offering resources that align with the content standards is crucial for the success, integration and participation of teachers and students. We work in close alignment with the content standards to make teachers' lives easier. See below for a full list of the standards covered by specific programs we offer.

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