19 Apr 2018


Visual Art

By Crocker Staff

In celebration of National Poetry Month, several Crocker fans took inspiration to pen from viewing “Patch of Poppies”, 1912, by Granville Redmond.

Here I stand entirely transfixed, with a sense of wonderment as I look outward in awe
Gazing upon the colorful scene before me, I am enthralled, and filled with peace as well
Yes, a sense of tranquility overcomes me, and I am compelled to venture forth…
And become immersed in this picturesque landscape, imbibing the beauty of nature
Embarking down the path, I am struck by lush greenery and grassy fields of the countryside
Poppies dominate gently sloping hillside, other wildflowers boldly display their colors
Gentle songbirds can be heard in the distance, graceful winged insects seen hither and yon
Lovely blue sky, embellished with heavenly white clouds, only augments the overall beauty
I walk on, entranced by the scenery, and wonder what is at the end of this splendid path
Will it abruptly terminate, maybe surrendering to human habitation and artificial structures?
Or does it go on, revealing more natural wonders, or even circling back to form a loop?
Whatever the answer, I do not care… because the path alone yields such rich rewards

~T.J. Tyler

the other side of the path,
people strewn along the coastline,
displays of flowing vivid colors-
a rainbow of gold, blue, red, orange
striking colors-
full of life — lively
touching fine fabrics – linens, silk, Kashmir
alpaca rugs to sink the feet and wiggle the toes
partake of light discussion
easy laughter, gentle smile

~Pamela Braxton

I am starting to
trust my journey.
Not so much the destination.
I hurry along my path
when my eye catches
a splash of orange and red.
My heart starts beating wildly.
I turn and see a field of poppies.
And like Dorothy,
I drink in their beauty and become sleepy and lie down.
The glow of red makes me aware of my blood red heart
which whispers,
Beat, rest, beat, rest.
Blue veins flow with life.
My heart tells me the journey
is this moment in time.
Nothing that might be waiting over the rise attracts me now.
I am satisfied.

~Rose Wesley

Please may I enter
and wander under the sky
in your fine painting?


Top Image: Granville Redmond (American, 1871–1935), “Patch of Poppies”, 1912. Oil on canvas, 26 in. x 36 in. (66.04 cm x 91.44 cm), Crocker Art Museum, Melza and Ted Barr Collection, 2010.2.1

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